Fraud Investigation


It is estimated that an average organization loses 5% of its revenue to fraud each year.  Due to the lack of effective internal controls, small businesses are particularly vulnerable to theft.  The team of certified public accountants, fraud examiners and certified forensic accountants at Breakpoint Assurance Company has extensive experience investigating and analyzing suspicious financial activities. Through the application of technical skills and judgement, the forensic CPA professionals at BAC examine financial transactions, trace assets, and interview potential perpetrators.

Fraud and forensic accounting services provided by BAC’s Group of Fraud and Forensic Accounting will enable clients to identify areas of operational weakness, internal control deficiencies, and methods to prevent fraud or malfeasance. It is a common practice for law enforcement, government agencies, and private investigators to rely on our reports and analyses in civil and criminal proceedings.

Breakpoint Assurance Company’s Fraud and Forensic Accounting team is super qualified to handle forensic accounting cases of:

Re-creating records

Reviewing business processes and internal controls.

Investigating embezzlement and elder fraud

Developing a Fraud Prevention Plan

Uncovering conflicts of interest, bribery, illegal gratuities.

Identifying theft of cash and fraudulent disbursements.

Finding fictitious revenues and under- and overstatements of assets

Detecting cyber crime, identity theft, and affinity fraud

Success Stories:

During SOX 404 testing of a fortune, 500 company discovered the regional sales manager was forging the client’s signature on sales orders to inflate sales thus his sales commissions.

Detected, investigated and prepared report of CEO embezzlement totalling over 2 million dollars. During the course of a three-week visit to Singapore provided to majority shareholders in Singapore documentation supporting the findings.